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The goal of “The other one” is that the player will be able to feel the psychological horror. The game will consist that you must have to run away from a murder on your own vehicle (that you’ll be able to build). The murder will never appear so the player will feel that it’s close to him/her.


The game starts with the player waking up on a dark and sad forest with no idea of what is going on. Then the avatar pull out from his/her pocket a photograph of himself/herself with a note on the back: “Watch your back”. With no idea of how you get there, the player starts to walk into the forest finding a car in pieces. Then the player realize that is his/her own car. The avatar need to find all the pieces of the car so the idea of coming out in life will be a possibility.

The map will consist on the woods, and a spooky house, where the player will look for the pieces of the car. You are not alone in the house. You must search in every single corner, hiding yourself of the “other”.

Video game’s Mechanics:

  • The player will explore a new and strange place, also without memory, thus the player need to explore so the to find out what’s going on, so the adventure will be on first-person.
  • Because of you are on a place where a murder take place in, you must need to find a way of getting out of there, avoiding the killer. Your principal goal will be to find all the pieces of your car.
  • The assassin is always looking for you, so when he comes close to you, a horrific piece of music will sound, making the player feel anxious.
  • I’m the meantime you explore, you’ll find a house where a murder has happened you need to go inside and find the parts of the car. Recollecting clues of the mystery that surrounds the house. Recovering your memories and knowing the truth.


The controls the game are use the mouse you move the camera and the keyboard you move in the environment.

  • W: Up
  • S: Down 
  • A: Left
  • D: Right
  • Mouse Left: Pick objects
  • Mouse Right: down objects


Original Music  "Other One Sample" by Rodolfo Galdámez Farrera.


This project was created by Rodolfo Galdámez Farrera and Paola Andrea Zepeda Reyes as a college project by the "Universidad Iberoamericana Puebla".

Unity programming by  Rodolfo Galdámez Farrera.


Texture and design by Paola Andrea Zepeda Reyes.



TheOtherOne.7z 36 MB


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Played this for a 4 free indie horrors and I was very confused and dissapointed by what I played. The description of the game promises so much that just didn't seem to be present in the game. If you're looking for feedback, I give plenty of that, at the end of my video in the "Review Portion" 

downloading your game now hope you check it out once its uploaded :)

SKIP TO 6:37!!!

Hai! Not bad so far. Made you a lil video :